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Lost River Resort Friendly Bigfoot

Offering 5 cabins, 6 RV Sites that can also charge EV's, Camping sites and we are VERY pet friendly!


Welcome to the enchanting world of Lost River Resorts, where time stands still and dreams come alive. Nestled at the mystical end of the winding road, Lost River Resort holds a captivating tale that dates back to the early twentieth century. Once the final frontier for adventurous miners embarking on their journey to the treacherous mining towns of the rugged Harts Pass area, our resort now beckons the daring souls seeking a destination steeped in wonder and ethereal beauty.

Immerse yourself in the allure of Mazama, a place brimming with enchantment and mystery. It is here that the spirit of awe and exploration dances in the air, casting a spell upon all who venture within its embrace. Mazama captivates the senses with its breathtaking landscapes, where majestic mountains touch the heavens and the rivers whisper secrets only the wilderness can hear.

At Lost River Resorts, we offer an escape that transcends the ordinary, an escape where magic thrives and dreams unfurl. For the daring souls thirsting for adrenaline and triumph, Lost River presents a playground of exhilaration. Scale the rocky heights through our exhilarating rock climbing expeditions or embark on awe-inspiring mountaineering journeys that unveil the secrets of the towering peaks. In the winter wonderland that blankets our domain, partake in the artistry of winter sports, where heli-skiing, backcountry exploration, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing weave a symphony of frost and snow. Dare to tread upon the world's longest cross-country skiing trail, a breathtaking 120-mile stretch that traverses a mesmerizing winter landscape.

As the journey reaches its climax, Lost River awaits you with open arms. Six rustic cabins embody the essence of an idyllic retreat, a sanctuary where modern distractions fade into insignificance. Step into a world where simplicity finds harmony with comfort, where the crackling fireplace and the gentle melody of nature lull you into a tranquil reverie. Each cabin embraces you with its timeless charm, transporting you to a realm where the ordinary is left behind, and the extraordinary becomes your reality.

Unearth the magic that lies hidden within Lost River Resorts. Let the spirit of adventure guide you to our enchanted realm, where dreams are realized, and memories are etched in the very fabric of time. Welcome to a world where wonder awaits at every turn, where the end of the road marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

"The cabin came with a woodburning stove and and lots of sessoned ready to use wood. They even had kindling cut up for us. The bed was very comfy with a nice memory foam topper.Its a great place to stay for anyone. Especially if you want to get away from the crowd in town."
Jeffrey B
"Nicest owners you could ask for. Would give 10 stars if I could."
Michael D
“Been here several times both during the summer and winter and there is always something to do. Lots of local hikes to do. A great off the grid experience with all of the amenities of home.”
Katherine P
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